House Bylge


House Bylge

House Bylge is a noble house of the Iron Islands. Their seat is Harrag’s Hoard on Old Wyk. Their words are “Witness Me”.

They are sworn to House Saltbourn of Wykmoor Isle.


House Bylge traces its lineage back thousands of years, to the time of the Driftwood Kings. The house was founded by the notorious pirate, Harrag the Drowner, who is reputed to have given all of his victims to the Drowned God.

It is said that Harrag rarely set foot on dry land, but he did build a small keep on the shores of Old Wyk to safeguard his treasure hoard. Over the centuries Harrag’s Hoard was built up into a proper castle with the addition of a watchtower and a curtain wall, but the original hall remains intact.

The lords of Harrag’s Hoard were bannermen to House Drummond before they were deposed by the Saltbourns.

Present Day

The current ruler is Lord Qarlton Bylge, an aging veteran of King Harwyn’s wars in the Riverlands. He has a single surviving son, Polliver, by his late wife Lady Falena Sharp. He also claims over a dozen salt sons and daughters and a handful of bastards. Now half-blind and lame, he rarely leaves his keep, where he is tended by two of his surviving salt wives.

Polliver, a middle-aged man with his own wives, sons, and daughters captains the house’s flagship, Sea Swine, though he has not been seen on the islands for many years in favor of campaigning in the Riverlands.

House Bylge rules a modest stretch of coast around their castle, which continues some leagues inland where sheep are grazed. Lord Qarlton’s many thralls operate a fishery and salt works, producing prodigious amounts of salted and pickled codfish and sardines— items in high demand by the Hardhand’s land-locked armies.

In addition to a standing garrison of 100 men at the castle, Lord Qarlton can call upon the captains of thirty longships and 300 fighting men.

House Bylge

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